Kayaks and Catamarans

Hobie representatives in Uruguay; we provide the whole Catamarans and Kayak line with the original propulsion Mirage Drive system.

The power of Hobie Mirage Drive:
  • The Mirage Drive is easy to use, silent and do not splash.
  • Leave the hands free for fishing, photography or the celebration with a glass.
  • Your feet rest naturally in the pedals, allowing you to perform quick movements and without effort.
  • A lot more fast and efficient than paddling.
  • The leg’s big muscles produce a more potent propulsion than the paddles in a kayak.
  • No water fills in the Kayak. 

Return to the tradition and simplicity of a Kayak with Hobie

Hobie combines the best attributes of a small Kayak, including turning, acceleration and the Skinny-Water access with the general stability found in bigger Kayak. It is easy to place in a car, boat roof or even in a bike trailer giving it a great versatility.

Fast, fun and versatile.

The new lightweight, more compact, Angler, Pro 12 and 14, are the most versatile fishing boat ever designed.

Fast, fun and versatile. The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island gives you different options.

What happen when fun, speed and simple get together in a catamaran? We call it Hobie Bravo. A boat which offers great smiles, good moments and a driving minimum effort. .