Equipment for Intelligence

Electronic measures and countermeasures: bug detectors, jammers, interceptors among others.

Equipment for electronic measures:

These are devices capable of capture visual and audible information or both types for monitoring or recording and send it through a discrete channel to another spot.
  •   Wireless microphones for room and telephonic conversation and telephone
  •   Portable hidden camera systems and micro cameras
  •   Telephonic conversation recorders
  •   Directional, parabolic and laser microphones
  •   Unlimited distance GSM cell phone interceptor
  •   Night vision systems

Equipment for electronic countermeasures:

Also known as counterespionage, this equipment is used to protect any sensitive information, any leak is detected and/or blocked by electronic devices.
  •   Detectors
  •   Bugs
  •   Jammers
  •   Interceptors