History of Aeromarine

Aeromarine S.A. is a Uruguayan company, created in 1977 dedicated to the supply, development and technical support of advanced electronic systems, marine electronics, radiocommunications, satellite communications and broadcasting systems.

The company is proud of being a pioneer and leader in most of these areas in our country and for the constant technical update which has given us an international reputation for skills with cutting-edge technology. We have earned the confidence of a large list of international companies who have chosen us to represent and maintain their product lines in Uruguay and even in some cases to be their service station for the entire Southern Cone.

Our carefully recruited staff is highly qualified and has one common focus: to serve our customers giving them a solution suitable to their needs and providing fast, efficient and competitive service.

Our spirit of innovation allows us to stay updated with the most recent technologies and the loyalty to our customers leads us to the use of the best resources to obtain their satisfaction.

  • 1948

    Engineer Hans Peter Schewe started making marine equipment repairs at Montevideo Port. At that time, he is the only engineer in Uruguay capable of accomplishing these works for international ships. He founded with his wife, the “Laboratorio Técnico Científico”, as a company for marine services. They started to work along with other similar companies, celebrating service contracts with Decca-Radar, Marconi, Elac and later service and sale agreements with Magnavox Advance Products and Systems Co, Furuno Electric, Co, Ltd among several others.
  • 1969

    The first fishing echosounder was introduced by the Eng. Hans Peter Schewe in our market, after a “battle” with the conservative local fishers.
  • 1977

    The Laboratorio Técnico Científico changes its name to Aeromarine Ltd., includes new brands and services (communications, test & measurement) and security devices, taking special interest in covering the needs of the different Governmental Entities and the Armed Forces, including also in the product line military equipment. Among them, we had been providing the Navy for 30 years with radiobeacons and, as an important part of our job, we had also been providing the Radio monitoring System from Rohde & Schwarz to the Navy Force.
  • 1988

    Aeromarine becomes the only Southamerican service station for satellite communicators, through Inmarsat MAGNAVOX MX2400 and in 1993 is named as the Southamerican Service station for MOBILE TELESYSTEMS INC for the MCS 9120 Satcom.
  • 1995

    Aeromarine Ltd. changed its organization and its name to AEROMARINE S.A., being Hans Peter Schewe and Rosemarie Schewe the stockholders.
  • 1997

    During the years 1997-98 Aeromarine supplied, installed and commissioned the Radio Monitoring System of the brand Rohde & Schwarz for the National Direction of Communications under international tender’s requirements and supervised by ITU.
  • 1998

    Aeromarine’s twentieth anniversary, Eng. Hans Peter Schewe and Rosemarie Schewe retired from their activities but kept on assisting to the Board of Director’s weekly meetings.
  • 2000

    Aeromarine’s twentieth anniversary, Eng. Hans Peter Schewe and Rosemarie Schewe retired from their activities but kept on assisting to the Board of Director’s weekly meetings. During the following years, Aeromarine continued adding important projects to its career. In the same year, Aeromarine SA is contracted by the German company, Rohde & Schwarz, for the installation and commissioning of the Radio monitoring System, sold to TELCOR ( Service communicator regulator entity) in Nicaragua. This project was successfully finalized in May 2002, receiving the client acceptation with the World Bank acceptation. Afterwards, we provided the technical support.